The Demon’s Forge Game Trailer – Mature material

A cool looking Game trailer – per their own disclaimer, not suitable for children – though all animated ( YouTube)

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Game – from inXile Entertainment for release in 2011. Looks like a game with a little bit ‘o humor! Cool graphics.

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Demon Humor – all ages

For immature audiences – but all ages!

First Cute Demon Baby (YouTube)

Okay this is lame kid stuff, but cute. More at Kids Jokes UK

What is a devils picket line called ?
A demonstration!
What is the demons’ favourite TV sitcom?
Fiends !

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Speaking of Demons – Game trailer

I have my own opinion of what demons look like but this game, Shadows of the Damned (trailer from YouTube), has some impressive looking graphics and … yes, the demons look cool. Be forewarned, there’s digital blood. Evidently, coming out this year for PS3 and Xbox.

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The Mark of Kane

A Thaddeus Kane Novel

Available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, OmniLit, Barnes & Noble

Demons, sorcerers, immortals – a little evil goes a long way

Human sorcerers bent on power are disrupting the underworld with demonic possessions and L.A. with murders. Half-demon half-human, Thaddeus Kane is the bloodhound for his clan, charged with finding the sorcerers and destroying them. His personal rules have always been clear—save his clan, protect innocents, and survive. Solicited for help by a demon from another clan, Kane’s first instinct is to blow her off. Until she dangles his one weakness beneath his nose—a mortal threat to prophetic children. Loyalties stretched in his race to find pre-emerging Irins and wizards, Kane struggles to ward off the danger to his clan. His previously harried, but manageable, life now swirls with secrets, until one fatal shot changes everything he believed about his past, turning the table on enemies and allies alike.

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